Cleaning and sanitizing

Our canes should be cleaned with a wet rag and some soap.
After it has been cleaned rub it down with some hand sanitizer to sanitize it.

Outer shell

The outher shell is made by industry grade rubber and is fire and chemical proof.
If air appears under the rubber or if it gets lose and can be moved around then use a heating gun or a hairdryer to slowly heat the rubber until all the air bubbles are gone. This can be done multiple times over the canes lifespan.
If the outer shell is to long and the tip is just rubber then use a sharp knife to cut it off.
This happens because as time goes the rattan wood in the inner core shrinks as it ages.

If  for some reason you find dents or marks in the rubber you can also try and heat it up and the dents might magically go away.

If the outer shell is for some reason cut or damaged DO NOT heat it since it will make the damage much worse!

Inner core

The inner core is made of the highest quality peeled rattan available that has been saturated in line seed oil for 7 days to keep it flexible for years. Then the core is carefully sanded until its silky smooth and has a nice round tip.

As our canes are soaked in line seed oil they do not need to be soaked in water.
DO NOT soak your cane in water since it will draw all the oil out and make the cane dry and brittle.

Rattan is a natural material so the thinner canes can break and when they break it very often happens when swinged in the air.
So dont play Jedi knights and swing at bottoms not air!