The honest truth is that with some things in life size actually does matter and more specifically girth matters and especially when it comes to rattan canes. Two millimeters in diameter can totally change the feeling of a cane, both for the hand that swings it and the bottom that welcomes it in for a landing. A thin cane feels more swishy and will superficially sting more and a thicker cane feels more rigid and will have more impact and go deeper.

The other big difference is for you ”bruiseaholics” out there. When used hard enough a thinner cane will leave the characteristic ”cane stripes” and thicker cane will leave bigger ”supernova bruises”. So if you cry yourself to sleep every night because you are immune to bruises?
 Try another diameter!

10 mm

The 10mm cane is the classic rattan cane diameter and has been used with great success all over the world.

A practice swing in the air will make that lovely swish sound which makes most bottoms cringe and it creates that characteristic superficial stinging sensation with a low impact.

This cane diameter can create the characteristic cane stripes and will curve nicely around the bottom when used with higher swing force.

Excellent as a warm up tool and finisher for those last angry stripes.

  • Sting 90% 90%
  • Impact 10% 10%
  • Bendy 80% 80%
12 mm

The 12mm cane is flexible but has a little more impact and the sensation it creates is not just superficial since the added weight adds more impact.

It can create those characteristic cane stripes but with some added color from the impact, still makes that swishy sound and curves moderately around the bottom when used with higher swing force.

Excellent when you are only allowed to bring one cane to the party!

  • Sting 70% 70%
  • Impact 30% 30%
  • Bendy 60% 60%
14 mm

The 14mm cane is almost completely rigid and is the entry to rattan impact play. The added weight will create a lot of impact but that stinging feeling is still there.

The bruises will look more like supernovas then cane stripes and it will not curve at all.

Excellent for that middle part of the session.

  • Sting 40% 40%
  • Impact 60% 60%
  • Bendy 25% 25%
16 mm

The 16mm is more of a baton then a cane and is completely rigid.

It is used for impact play and when used with enough force it will create those colorful supernova bruises.

Excellent as a finisher when you want a little more ”thump”.

  • Sting 20% 20%
  • Impact 80% 80%
  • Bendy 10% 10%