When you talk about rattan canes the response you get is often that they are for punishments and about welts and stripes. And canes are awesome to use for punishments but they can also be used for a lot of other cool things.

Therefor we have written some suggestions on alternative ways of using a rattan cane.



Canes have 3 different gears which are using the fingers, wrist and the whole arm and a non punishment cane session usually goes though all of them.

A non punishment session could play out like this:

1. Warm up phase – Strike using the fingers.
Use a thinner cane and hold it with just the fingers then tap the cane softly in rapid succession using only the fingers.
Move it around to cover the area while steadily increasing the impact force and pause when the bottom tense up needs to breathe. This phase is usually called the warm up phase and don’t rush this because it’s important to let this phase take its time.

2. Adrenaline phase – Strike using the wrist.
Keep the thin cane or swap to a thicker one and continue as before. Tap the cane in rapid succession and when more force is needed swap to using the wrist while keeping the bottoms tension and breathing under control by pausing and letting it breathe. It’s usually when switching to using the wrist that the bottom will enter the adrenaline phase which can create sudden outbursts of different emotions such as anger. The adrenaline phase is uually short and work through it together because stopping here will feel bad for both parties. Continue as before with rapid strikes or harder one at a time strikes steadily increasing the strike force.

3. Getting high phase – Strike using the wrist
Continue striking either with rapid strikes or slow strikes one at a time. If bruises are a problem keep moving the cane strikes when an area starts to get bruised also use the hand to feel for swelling. The dopamines and endorphines should have kicked in by now and keep going until the desired effect has been achived then stop.

4. Getting bruises phase – Strike using the arm.
If those welts and stripes is what you want then use a thinner cane and if its big supernova bruises you want then use a thicker cane. Deliver these strikes one at a time using the whole arm and give the bottom time to get into position and breathe between the strikes. Stop when the desired effect ash been achieved.

5 After care phase – Cuddles.
By now the bottom is usually crying and shaking but high as a kite and smiling at the same time. Now its time for cuddles galore, kissing on the fore head and praise and it’s now when the oxitocyn is released into the body which creates a feeling of connection and closeness. Give the bottom time to land from the high and just be there.




The most obvious target for a cane is the backside, From just below the tailbone all the way down to just above the tendons behind the knee is for many the preferred target. Then skipping the back of the knee you can continue down on the calves and stop just above the achilles tendon.
Since a cane is made of hard material its not a forgiving as a leather whip so avoid direct hits on bones and tendons.

The tighs outside, front and inside is a great target for a cane. A strike on the front of the thighs feels very different from being hit on the butt and can create wonderful bruises. The inside of the thighs hurts like hell and also adds a mental challenge where the bottom needs to make room for the cane and offering the target by spreading their legs.

Breasts both male and female is a good target for thinner canes. Thin canes or a loop is perfect to use on breasts but avoid the thicker diameter canes.

There are many soft padded parts of the body that can be hit by a cane and its basically up to your imagination to find targets. But select the correct diameter cane for the right amount of muscle and fat padding. Use the thinner canes for more delicate jobs and use the thicker canes where you are sure not to hit something sensitive.