High quality rattan cane coated in clear rubber for deserving bottoms.

This is the modern version of the rattan cane and compared to delrin or other plastic canes our canes have the same feeling as traditional rattan canes but it is sanitary and looks great. All canes are made of high quality peeled rattan which have been saturated in line seed oil and then coated in industry grade clear rubber. A cane soaked in oil does not need to be regularly watered and will stay flexible for a very long time and combined with the rubber coating the oil also adds weight. The black rubber coating not only looks good it is also there for sanitary purposes and our canes can be wiped down and sterilized.

Length: 60cm
Rattan is a natural product and the actual length and thickness might have small variations.
All canes are sterilized before they are shipped and are ready to play.Buying a set will guarantee matching lengths and looks.
The length of all our canes have been extensively tested by expert smiling cane swingers and crying bottoms to find that perfect length.
For you non engineers – Just trust us… its perfect! And it will fit in your bag.
For you engineers – If a cane is longer then the wave length of the material it will feel unstable.


16 MM

14 MM

10 MM